The News Channel 3 viewing area is back to unbearable heat and humidity Tuesday and Wednesday under another heat wave, reminding us that we are still in the “Dog Days” of summer.

But what are the Dog Days?

Running from July 3 to August 11, the dates are actually associated with the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. During these days, the sun occupies the same region of the sky as the bright star Sirius and rises and sets around the same time. Early Romans believed the two bright stars actually gave off heat and made the sun even hotter during this time.

Science shows that the usual summer heat is due to the earth’s tilt. The tilt of the earth causes the sun’s ray to hit at a more direct angle for a longer time during the day for prolonged days.

And, this year’s extreme heat is not fit for man nor dog.

Tuesday’s forecast call for afternoon temperatures climbing back into the mid-90s with heat indices exceeding 106 degrees, making it too hot for dog walking in the heat this afternoon. Wait until the sun sets and temps cool off to protect those precious paws.

Wendy’s weather dog Zephyr takes a drink from the outdoor faucet.

Continue to hydrate, and pay close to attention to the stress heat can play on your body. Check up on relatives and neighbors, stay out of the sun, and remember that young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.