COVINGTON, Tenn. — Tipton County, Tennessee was struck by not one, but two tornadoes Friday night, county EMA Director Tommy Dunavant said Tuesday.

The tornadoes damaged 540 structures, causing more than $37 million in damages, Dunavant said.

The second tornado that hit the county, an EF-3 that was more than 3.5 miles wide, followed a more than 20-mile path and was responsible for most of the damage, he said.

The first tornado was just discovered Tuesday during a storm assessment survey, Dunavant said. It is not yet known how powerful that tornado was. Both tornadoes hit within minutes of each other.

While the smaller tornado caused damage to islands in the Mississippi River that are part of Tipton County, it dissipated when it hit the eastern bluff, he said.

“When it came across the river, it was one mile wide,” he said.

Dunavant said Tipton County is facing another threat of severe weather from Wednesday morning to evening when the county will be in an Enhanced Risk area. The biggest threats are high winds, hail, and possible tornadoes, along with 2-3 inches of rain.

Leaders from Covington held a press conference Tuesday after storms decimated the town, knocking out power, destroying homes, and leaving one person dead and 28 injured.

Cody Moses was identified by county officials and family members as the person killed in the storm.

About three-fourths of the town was undamaged, but the remaining one-fourth was destroyed, officials said.

Covington City Hall is open. If you have questions, call (901)-476-9613.