MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The National Weather Service has determined an EF-0 tornado moved through portions of east Desoto County Tuesday morning, causing minimal damage but no injuries as a line of strong storms pushed through the area.

The NWS Memphis office said the DeSoto tornado it rated an EF0, which means wind speeds of 40-72 mph.

WREG’s Jim Jaggers said a tornado was confirmed in Olive Branch at 6:04 a.m., with tornado damage east of Olive Branch. 

“We found some damage in the Braybourne Subdivision area the Polk Lane area near the warehouses,” Chris Olson, DeSoto County Emergency Services director, said. “What we found were some treetops and then we found some fencing and trampolines, exterior tents and things or that scattered about.

“In our assessments we did not locate any structural damage, no homes that people live in. We didn’t see anything compromised to that aspect. Most of all the damage that we did see was exterior, like fences,” he said.

Dorothy and Richard Scott live in Braybourne subdivision off Highway 302 in Desoto County.

“We were in bed sleeping and we got the weather alert and I said, ‘Honey, get up we go to get in a safe place,'” Scott said. “So, we got up and came to the living room and watched it on Channel 3 for a few minutes, and then we set in the laundry room for a little while.”

They both described what they heard next as a big “puff” of wind. When they were able to get out, they found two of their fences blown down.

Olson said an estimated three to three and a half inches of rain fell in DeSoto County.

Another tornado was an EF1 in Union County. The NWS made its preliminary damage assessment just before 4 p.m.