MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Communities slammed by tornadoes in Arkansas and Tennessee are preparing for the possibility of rain and wind to strike as an enormous cleanup effort is underway.

Kalen Abram said he’s taking things day by day after his home in Wynne was badly damaged by a deadly tornado. His home is now covered in tarps.

“It’s not the things that you worry about that get lost in the destruction. It’s the after-effect of everything, the ‘what do you do next?’ You know like where do you go from here,” Abram said.

Abram said some anxiety is building as there is a potential for more severe weather. But there’s help in Wynne with people working to alleviate the stress.

Volunteers from Operation BBQ Relief are delivering meals. Teams from Convoy of Hope are also lending a hand. 

“The severe weather coming we want to make sure folks have what they need. Rooves are tarped, structures are damaged, those kinds of things stay dry, and that we have supplies standing by so if they’re needed after the storms come through all throughout the region,” said Eric Gordon with Convoy of Hope.

Nearly two hours away in Tipton County, Tennessee, crews are also prepping for potentially bad weather.

“Some high winds with gusts up to about 30 miles per hour or so. We’re going to be concerned about our utility crews that are in bucket trucks, so we’re going to make sure they’re aware of all of that,” said Tommy Dunavant, Tipton County Emergency Management Agency Director.

Despite the rollercoaster Abram has experienced and the potential for a turbulent ride ahead, he remains grateful. 

“I mean just thankful to be alive,” he said.