MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday’s storm system knocked out power in some areas of Tipton County where there was damage and at least one high-water rescue.

There were up to four inches of rainfall creating hazardous conditions on their low-lying roads, causing a mother and her two children to be trapped in their pickup truck.

“It was found that the family actually drove into the deep water and the water rose so quickly it stalled out their vehicle and they weren’t able to exit the vehicle,” said Chief John Piercy of the Tipton County Fire Department.

Piercy and a water rescue team came to help. The mother and two children were rescued and were not injured.

The storm created other detours like on Mount Lebanon Road where a drainage pipe gave way, causing a large section of asphalt, concrete, and rock to collapse.

Crews were able to quickly barricade the hole and close the road.

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Many roads remain partially flooded such as Highway 59 west.

There have been no reports of injuries in Tipton County from this morning’s severe weather.