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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People across the Mid-South are getting ready to spend another night in the dark as ice continues to pull down power lines. 

Temperatures in the Memphis area are forecast to dip into the teens Friday and Saturday night. More than 125,000 MLGW customers were still without power mid-day Friday.

“In the Marine Corps, we had cold winter training but it ain’t nothing like this, though,” said Johnnie Hunt, laughing.

Hunt said he’s been without power since 5 p.m. Thursday. He decided to make the best out of a bad situation and spent the morning warming up in his truck.

On Raleigh-Millington Road, near Hunt’s house, a large tree limb pulled power lines down overnight.

Friday, drivers were being cautious as they drove underneath the lines over the two-lane road between New Allen Road and Bolen Huse.

However, not everyone was successful. One person got himself stuck in a ditch. People passing by stopped and put in a team effort to pull him out.

After several hours, MLGW crews came to block the road off so they could begin the process of removing the power lines and restoring power to the dozens of people living in the darkness nearby.

MLGW says they are working as quickly as they can to restore power for everyone, even calling in outside crews.

“I know some people blame Memphis Light, Gas and company, but I think it’s Mother Nature,” Hunt said. “I think Memphis Light, Gas and company doing all they can to resolve the problem.”

To report an emergency, such as a down power line or a gas leak, MLGW asks you call (901) 528-4465.