MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Memphis Light, Gas, and Water crews are working to restore power after Wednesday’s storm.

Workers began repairing destroyed utility poles in southwest Memphis Thursday. Other crews were busy removing toppled trees that fell into the street.

Mary Bracy started surveying the area early.

“It’s unnecessary, we are demanded to pay for lights, etc., that we don’t get to experience,” Bracy said.

Those living off Daggett Road near West Mitchell say it was well over 12 hours until this undertaking could get underway. WREG was there when MLGW arrived.

Some neighbors were not willing to stick around, like Linda, who took her 94-year-old mother to a hotel.

“No power this morning. Just trying to get her some food in there.  My other elderly sister stays there too. So right now we are packing up,” Linda said. “They said they were bringing people in to help cut down the trees, but they started down on Central. But what about the areas out here, Walker Homes, West Junction, Boxtown? I’ve been down that street. Wires are all over the lines right where the lights are.”

It’s always unclear how bad weather could impact any area. The WREG weather experts said that rain was on the radar Wednesday,  which would lead to soggy grounds. Those damp conditions may be the cause for trees snapping overnight.

Some toppled trees brought down the power lines and parts of utility poles. That is why some neighbors are extending an invitation to those with the utility company.

“Think about us out here,” Linda said. “You know, come out here.”