Note: Alert bars on the home page briefly linked to an outdated list of school closings due to COVID. That list was from 2020, and the problem has been corrected. There are currently NO school districts closed due to COVID.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Several Memphis area school districts are closing early Thursday and Friday due to excessive heat.

Thursday, Fayette County and Haywood County public schools announced they were closing starting at 11:30 Thursday and Friday. Tipton County schools announced they would close after lunch Thursday and Friday.

An updated list of heat-related closings can be found here.

Excessive Heat Warnings continue across the Mid-South today with highs nearing 100 and heat index values likely to top 110.

On Wednesday, hundreds of parents, including Betty Mayes, received a message from Fayette County Public School System about the early dismissal, causing many parents to have to change their schedules to make sure their child had a ride from school.

“I didn’t have to get off work but they could have let them stay at home,” Mayes said.

And many children agree, stating the new schedule only puts them in the heat during the hottest time of the day.  

“We have to walk to a building over there and so it’s hot out there too. So I mean we could have just stayed at the house,” said Fayette-Ware County high school student Abrielle Shaw.

“If you are worried about the children on the bus that’s taking the long bus rides then why not cancel school,” Mayes said.

Charles Jones said he disagrees and that this not only helps out the students but, most importantly, the bus drivers.

“You know, I can’t question their abilities. I’m not in charge. I can only answer. They call me in time. Yeah, but I love all children, all parents,” he said.

Many parents say they may just keep their child at home Thursday.