MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are both expected Friday across the Mid-South.

In the Mid-South, western Mississippi and southeastern Arkansas, south of Memphis, are in the Moderate risk zone for severe weather.

NOAA’s Storm Prediction center says, “Supercell thunderstorms capable of all severe hazards, including strong tornadoes, are possible across the Lower Mississippi Valley on Friday.”

Below is Todd Demers’ forecast as of Thursday morning:

Partly cloudy, windy and warmer for the Mid-South this afternoon, with highs in the mid to upper 70s and south winds gusting.  Mostly cloudy this evening and overnight with lows in the mid-60s and winds still gusting from the South.  Severe weather threatens the Region Friday.  Mid-70s, strong south winds and heavy rain possible.

A windy and warm day is ahead, with increasing rain chances through Friday evening.  Strong storms and an enhanced risk for severe weather across the Mid-South tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Strong storms will give way to mild conditions for much of the weekend.  Stay alert to rapidly changing conditions.