MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two families are struggling after Saturday night’s severe thunderstorms. 

An enormous tree now lays on top of two houses on Cameron Street in South Memphis. No one was hurt but the damage is evident.

Three brothers live at the house where the tree uprooted, and five people live in the house next door where part of the tree landed.

We’re told the home belonging to the brothers has been in the family for generations, and the uprooted tree is almost 60 years old.

A family member tells WREG the home is uninsured, and they need help removing the tree so they can make the house safe to live in again.

As for the next-door neighbors, all five of them are now displaced. Both families say they’re in shock after the fact.

“Oh my God, it finally happened,” Karla T. Harris said. “We’ve been expecting for it to fall, but it was leaning towards the other way, but the wind came through and blew it towards the house.” 

“It’s disturbing,” Vickey Hunt said. “It’s going to be rough, but God is able and I’m praying.”

A Gofundme has been started to help with tree removal and repairs. Click here to help.