Below is a list of books Shelby County Schools recommends for donation to the Team Read program.  Many are available for purchase at The Booksellers at Laurelwood store or online.  You can click on the book title to go directly to that book’s ordering page online.

If you order the books online, you can ship them to this address:

Shelby County Schools
Attn: Team Read
160 S. Hollywood
Memphis, TN 38112

Title Author
Dr. Seuss (series) Dr. Seuss
Let It Rain Maryann Cocca-Leffier
Mouse Cookies & More Laura Numberoff
David Goes to School David Shannon
If You Give a Dog a Donut
Si le das una rosquilla
a un perro
Laura Numeroff
Nelson Mandela Kadir Nelson
Pete the Cat Eric Litwin & James Dean
A Mess in the Kitchen
Eric and Julieta Desastre en la cocina
Isabel Munoz
Junie B. Jones (English or Spanish) Barbara Parks
Missy’s Super Susan Nees
Icky Sticky readers Laaren Brown
Magic School Bus
(English or Spanish)
Joanna Cole
Ramona Beverly Cleary
Rainbow Magic Daisy Meadow
Emma is on the Air Ida Siegal
A Bad Case of Stripes
Un Caso Grave de Rayas
David Shannon
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (series) Jeff Kid
Cleo Edison Oliver, Playground Millionaire Sundee T. Frazier
Goosebumps (series) R. L. Stine




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