Whitehaven standout Se’Quoia Allmond talks decision to sign to HBCU


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — One of the top basketball players in the nation made history, taking her talents to an HBCU.

“Sacrifices, working out, having good character and just making connections and having fun.”

That’s what Se’Quoia Allmond said goes in to being one of the top 12 point guards in the country.

The Whitehaven standout signed to play for Jackson State, being one of a few ESPN Top 100 players to choose an HBCU.

“With Jackson State, they didn’t recruit me like I was too big or too small for them,” Allmond said. “They treated me like a normal player.”

“The coaches were very genuine. It was a family environment. From the first day I met them, it just felt like I already knew them. I just felt like it was the best pick for me.”

Allmond is ready to add an explosiveness to the Tigers program — a program at the top of their conference.

“I’m going to add excitement, fun, more fans than they are got, because I know they have lot because they just won the championship, but I feel like that’s what I bring. I’m going to try to bring some players from the SEC or ACC over there.”

It’s Allmond’s hope that more top players will choose HBCUs if they are actively recruited.

“Well actually, then starting to recruit me made me more interested into them and before when I was younger, I actually didn’t know HBCUs had basketball. I was always like ‘I want to go to an HBCU, they’re so fun, but do they have basketball?’ And then they started recruiting me and I was like ‘oh they are actually interested in me.’ So, I gave them a chance.”

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