MEMPHIS – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Someone might want to tell that to the Spurs’ Jakob Poeltl before he decides to stand in the way of Ja Morant, on his way to the rim.

Yes, it happened again Grizz fans.

No one will forget last March when Morant put Poeltl on a poster, rising up to throw this one down on his way to a career high 52 points.

Fast forward ten months and Poeltl was in the wrong place at the wrong time… again.

The only question… which was the better dunk?  Last year or Wednesday night?

“That’s a tough question, bro. You put everything into perspective,” Morant said.  “You know, I had the first one on a career night, 52. But I had this one pretty much in the clutch. I’m gonna go with the first one, the first one.”

“Last year. Last year was crazy. I’m going to go with last year,” said Jaren Jackson Junior.  “You should ask him to pick.   He picked last year. Oh wow.  Yeah. Last year was disgusting.”