MEMPHIS – It is still one of the hot topics around the country.

The changing landscape of college football with not only Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC but UCLA and USC making the move from the PAC-12 to the Big 10.

Realignment has reared its head again, which isn’t necessarily good news for the Memphis Tigers…again.

Tigers athletic director Laird Veatch spent Thursday volunteering at the MidSouth food bank, ahead of the U of M’s 901 game to help fight hunger on September 17th against Arkansas State.

Veatch discussed these latest big moves.  Moves which seem to push the Tigers further back in their quest to join a power conference, now that the Big 12 will likely look west for any further expansion.

“It is a time of fluctuation and change and a lot of which you can’t control yourself. I think people recognize that. But we’re well positioned and doing all we can to take advantage of the opportunity, should it come,” Veatch said.  “Memphis stands where it has stood, which is kind of right on the bubble.  Right in that next school or two or three that are right there.  Feel good about what we’re doing, what we can control.  But there’s certainly a lot of a lot of craziness going on out there.”