TSSAA tables decision on fall schedule, leaving coaches, players and teams in limbo


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Wednesday was supposed to be the day high school football teams across the state received some clarity on what the 2020 season would look like.

Instead, the TSSAA delayed that decision.

Instead of voting in one of three contingency plans for the season, the TSSAA tabled the issue in order to continue conversations with the governor’s office to find the best possible solution during this pandemic. 

No decision lead to some frustration from coaches hoping for answers, but instead left in limbo.

“Obviously, it’s a bit frustrating because you have a lot of high school kids that want to play sports this season, this fall,” said Memphis Central head football coach Major Wright. “For coaches it’s certainly frustrating but, at the same time,  I’d hate to be the one in charge of making this decision.”

“I think everyone’s just a little bit anxious, moving forward.  What we have to look forward to.  Time frames that we have to look forward to.  The constraints that we have and how that’s going to work,” said Lausanne head football coach Kevin LoCastro. “If you would ask most high school football coaches about what they’d like to see, they would tell you just like I’m going to tell you. I would just love to see a schedule of games and opportunities for our kids to play.”

If you want to look at the glass as half full, the no vote does leave open the possibility that the season, for football and girl’s soccer, could still actually start on time.

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