MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two Memphis high school basketball teams are on probation from the TSSAA after a fight during a game over the weekend.

The TSSAA said during a boy’s basketball game, a Wooddale player pushed a player from the opposing team as he jumped toward the rim of the goal. The Raleigh-Egypt High School player landed on his stomach as a result of being pushed.

That’s when the TSSAA said a fight began and fans rushed to the court. During that time, a loud pop from a firecracker sent fans and players running for cover.

Both high schools received a two-year probation and each school was fined $2,000.

Neither school can take part in the playoffs, allowing Ridgeway to advance. The schools can’t take part until the 2025 season begins.

This is the second time Wooddale has been placed on probation after a similar incident happened in 2019. The Raleigh-Egypt girl’s basketball team was also placed on probation in 2022.