MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Tiger quarterback Seth Henigan is one of the most tenured Tigers on the offensive side of the football this season.  

Following the Tigers Wednesday morning practice, Henigan was all smiles as his team is only a few days away from kicking off the season against Bethune Cookman on Saturday.

” It’s refreshing to know that I’ll be getting hit on Saturday,” said Henigan. ” It makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Definitely excited to go against players and actually get roughed up a bit. Whereas in practice, I’m wearing the red jersey, it’ll be fun to play as a different team”.

With so many new faces on this year’s roster, the junior quarterback took a different approach as a leader this fall camp to help the newcomers get comfortable and speed up the learning process.

“I gelled with my teammates more. I figured building relationships with our offensive linemen and wide receivers would go a long way in terms of trust”.

Not only was it important for Henigan to get everyone on the same page, but he knew his game would need to be sharper in all facets.

” With having so many reps in my back pocket and being with coach Tim Cramsey coming into our second fall camp and now our second season together, just being able to bounce ideas off of him, I feel like that’s been helpful. He knows what plays I’m really comfortable with, what I’ve done successfully and what we need to work on”.