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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – After a struggle in the season opener down in Starkville, the Tigers have turned the page, with the focus now on opening American Athletic Conference play with a fourth straight win over Navy.

That meant getting back to work for first-year Tigers Offensive Coordinator Tim Cramsey, who watched his unit put up just 29 yards of total offense in the first half against Mississippi State.

The Tigers also went 0 for 6 on third down as they found themselves in a 28-3 halftime hole.

Now, Navy’s defense isn’t anywhere near as good as Mississippi State, so things should come a bit easier Saturday in Annapolis.  As long as the U of M doesn’t have another slow start, on the road.

“A lot of coachable moments showed up on film in that first half. A lot of situations that we can fix. Offensive football, you got 11 guys on the field. All 11 got to do the right thing. One guy doesn’t do the right thing, bad things are going to happen,” Cramsey said.  “Very important for us to have a fast start and get a lead on them and see how long they want to keep doing what they do on offense.  We get the ball, we got to handle our business. If we can execute, if we can do our job, we can put some points on the board early. We’re going to be just fine.”