MEMPHIS – The Memphis Tigers are set to open a three game homestand and maybe, right where they want to be as 25th ranked Central Florida comes to town this weekend.

Yes Memphis has lost three straight but they are also 10 and 0 coming off a bye week since 2014.

The U of M has also won eight of its last nine at home against ranked teams.

As for all the outside noise the Tigers are dealing with due to their recent struggles, that is something that’s troubling for the Tigers talented quarterback Seth Henigan.

“There’s definitely a lot of noise, a lot of chatter. It’s kind of disappointing to me just because we’re two plays away from being six and two, and then you know, two other special teams plays away from being in that game way more against Tulane,” Henigan said.  “So, I mean, at the end of the day, things didn’t really bounce our way but as long as we finish the rest of the season the right way, then I feel like the noise will quiet down a little bit and people will look back at the season and be like, you know, that was a good team.”

The Tigers and UCF kick off Saturday at 2:30.