MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Over the years, the University of Memphis has developed a reputation for turning walk-ons into dynamic playmakers.

Calvin Austin, now of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is just the latest example.

Now, it seems like Ryan Silverfield and company may have found themselves another diamond in the rough in 6’5”, 255-pound Tight End Caden Prieskorn.

Over the last two games, Prieskorn has caught three touchdowns from Seth Henigan.

His 16 receptions for 185 yards in just three games this year is more than double what he had in his first two seasons with the Tigers and maybe even more impressive, Prieskorn is really just learning the position of tight end.

He came to the U of M as a walk-on quarterback.

“I played basketball in high school, so that’s a little bit of a catching side. But learning the blocking side, and my body changing over the last three or four years. Gained 40 pounds so it’s been a huge change,” Prieskorn said. “It’s been a long journey, not playing my redshirt freshman year.  Being behind a really good player in Sean Dykes.  It’s been a long, long journey.”

And like Dykes before him, Prieskorn is turning into a red zone threat for the Tigers.

“Just kind of showing the consistency he’s able to do, making some of those tough catches.  Stuff that we didn’t get to see early on but we know he’s capable,” Silverfield said.  “Just proud of him and his efforts.  He’s going to continue to be a huge, not only a red zone target, but somebody that we can trust and the passing game, run game, all those things.”