MEMPHIS – “It’s definitely a huge sigh of relief just because, you know, every week we’re so close, so close”, said Memphis Tigers quarterback Seth Henigan.

“It felt like a weight was lifted,” said Tigers head coach Ryan Silverfield.

Though Memphis would’ve liked to have had this win a month ago, this victory against Tulsa was right on time. The Tigers get back to .500 with a 5-5 record and are now one step closer to a post-season berth.
“I mean, for me, it had been four games of losing. So seeping into my head, it already happened. And, you know, I was done just thinking about that and thinking about losing. We know we could beat them, and we knew we had the opportunity to make some plays against their defense”, added Henigan.
” We know what’s the next one means we do. And I probably won’t talk to our guys about it because that is the minimum expectation. The reality is when the next one and then win the next”, said Silverfield.
“Means a lot. I mean, it’s a bowl game. You know, at the end of day, you know, we can be conference championship, but we got the opportunity to still make a bowl run and I feel like that’s just as good too”, said linebacker Zay Cullens.
The Tigers defense finished with two take away and also held Tulsa to only 31 rushing yards, as the Golden Hurricane only converted 3 of 15 on third downs.

” We can talk about giving takeaways, we can talk about owning the football, but until we put into action, it’s just writing on our damn whiteboard and our guys got to let’s go live it. Our defense certainly did that”, said Silverfield.
” We should’ve had more than two, we had some that dropped out of hands it’s more about what we missed than what we made because at the end of day, we want to be great. I feel like we got to make those opportunities count”, said Cullens.
After weeks of feeling like the ball wasn’t bouncing in their favor, a 49-yard made field goal in the first quarter by Chris Howard was a tell-tell sign that the night belonged to Memphis.
“That’s a that’s a big moment in the game. Even just to start the game off on the right foot in the first quarter, so yeah, it’s just a great kick by Chris. He’s been kicking pretty consistently for us this whole entire year. So happy to have him on our team”, said Henigan.
The Tigers can celebrate this win, but will hav to address the running game as they only tallied 79 yards no the ground in the victory. Saturday November 19th, the Tigers host North Alabama for Senior Day.