MEMPHIS, Tenn. – While Saturday night ended in disappointment for the Memphis Tigers after their 34-27 loss to Missouri, the U of M program actually had a pretty good Sunday.

First, it was former Tiger great Quindell Johnson, who went undrafted remember, coming up with his first NFL interception for the Bears in Chicago’s blowout loss in Kansas City.

Then, on Sunday Night Football, it was another former Tiger great putting on a show for his first NFL first.

Calvin Austin blowing right by the Raiders on his way to this 72 yard touchdown, helping Pittsburgh to a primetime win in Las Vegas.

Funny thing is, Tigers coach Ryan Silverfield was unaware of Austin’s TD until Johnson’s mom told him.

“Quindell’s mom was talking to me about, you know, her son’s first interception, how proud she is, obviously. Then she’s bragging about, hey, one of your boys just caught the bomb. I said, what? Those things are so exciting. You’re so happy for those guys because you just, you feel their joy,” Silverfield said. “We talk about Calvin’s story. I tell it all the time to all of our guys. In fact, once a month, I walk to the back of our team room. I say, guys, this backseat right here in the back of this team room. right here where you’re sitting, Calvin Austin sat here for two years. So when you think there’s no hope, when you think that things are hard or, you know, you’re not getting the chance or you’re on scout team, the guy that just caught that touchdown bomb, he was just sitting right there. In your seat and fought his way to earn a scholarship and now doing tremendous things.”