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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis is reportedly facing multiple Level I and Level II NCAA violations stemming from an 18-month investigation into the Tiger’s Men’s Basketball program.

Penny Hardaway is allegedly involved in one Level I and two Level II violations, according to the IARP.

The NCAA Complex Case Unit is claiming that there has been a pattern of noncompliance within the Tigers program under Penny Hardaway, and he failed to demonstrate that he promoted an atmosphere of compliance.

Hardaway had no prior major NCAA violations, according to the documents.

The University of Memphis is also being accused of obstructing the NCAA enforcement and CCU investigations on multiple occasions and the University lacked institutional control.

James Wiseman was suspended in November 2019 for 12 games for two violations. One of those violations alleged that Wiseman’s mother accepted money from Hardaway. The other violation alleged that Wiseman played in three games while ineligible.

The University of Memphis received those notice of allegations in April 2021. In June 2021, the University requested an extension, later eventually requesting a total of four extensions. Four months later, the IARP released the timeline of events surrounding the investigation.

The University has denied these allegations, according to the Daily Memphian.