MEMPHIS – Former Memphis Tiger legend Antonio Anderson is back in the 901 for a meet and greet with Tiger fans as he kickstarts his Antonio Anderson Foundation.

” As a player that’s all you can ask for you, I think the fans appreciated my will to win. I think that’s what made me fall in love with this city, and the city to fall in love with me,” said Anderson.

Growing up with a single mother along with four siblings, Antonio says he doesn’t know how his life would’ve turned out if he didn’t play sports, which drives his passion to give back to his hometown of Lynne, Massachussetts and the city of Memphis.

” These kids in these lower poverty situations, some families don’t have it. I just want to be able to bridge that gap,” said Anderson. ” I just want to start helping these families put their children into something. No matter what it is, make sure they have an opportunity to make a way,” said Anderson.

With the Antonio Anderson Foundation, he hopes to create more opportunities that will benefit kids later in life.

” It’s not about basketball or any type of sports, it’s about giving opportunities to meet people
who have been through things and are successful and start helping and navigating these kids putting them in other type of programs and that’s when we can financially help these families and put their kids in better situations.”

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