StubHub sells more Super Bowl Tickets to Missouri, Kansas fans than California

The Big Game
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — New data from StubHub suggests Chiefs fans may have a slight upper hand against the 49ers in the number of fans at the big game.

Of the tickets sold so far, 11 percent have come from Missouri and 8 percent have come from Kansas. That edges out California just barely, which has 18 percent of tickets.

It looks fairly close with the Midwest edging out the West Coast by just 1 percent. However, a whopping 9 percent went to fans from Texas, and we all know that’s where Patrick Mahomes is originally from.

Regardless, the seats will be a sea of red come Super Bowl Sunday in Miami. However, the deficit seems to be in the scarlet.

Here are some other fun ticket facts:

  • Fans are coming from nine countries, the top three being the US, Mexico and Canada
  • Fans are coming from 37 states
  • Ticket sales increased by 363 percent between Friday, Jan. 18 and the following Monday
  • Average ticket price is $7,000, the most expensive Super Bowl yet

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