ALLENTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — Sometimes, nature has a funny sense of humor.

Dorney Park posted a photo of a bald eagle on the track of their Steel Force roller coaster. The coaster has a track that is colored red, which is the same color as the Kansas City Chiefs, who the Philadelphia Eagles are facing off in the Super Bowl on Sunday

Photo: Dorney Park

The park posted the photo with the caption “There’s only one chief here and it’s happily owning anything red this weekend.”

Steel Force opened at the park in 1997 as one of the fastest and longest coasters on the east coast, with a height of 205 feet and top speeds of 75 miles per hour.

The park is also submitting plans for a new attraction near a parcel of land where the former stinger coaster used to be.

That coaster was removed after the 2017 season.

Could this be a sign that nature itself is rooting for the eagles? Only this eagle knows!