MEMPHIS – Pop your head into any Grizzlies practice and you are bound to see Ja Morant putting up shots.

Working on his jump shot.

It’s been Morant’s focus heading into the season and really the only knock on his game, his ability to hit, consistently, away from the basket seeing that he’s already one of the NBA’s best when attacking the glass.

And a word of advice.

When Morant has his mind set on something, don’t bet against him.

“I’ve been working on my shot from all areas of the floor.  From behind the three, inside the three,” Morant said.  “Pretty much just taking my game to the next level. Allowing me to be out there on the floor and not take too much contact at the rim.”

“It just starts with the work that he’s been putting in, but I see his focus in the drills. Simple, repetitive mechanics.  Less noise in your shot.  Starts with your feet.  It’s your follow through,” said Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins.  “Once Ja becomes a really high level shooter, hopefully.  That’s our goal for him and we’re going to push him.  It’s his goal for himself.  He’s going to be unstoppable. You know, he’s pretty unstoppable now.”

Yeah he is.

Morant says he’s also still working his way into game shape.  Real game shape with two more games left in the preseason.

Both on the road beginning Tuesday night in Orlando against the Magic.