José Siri has settled into his role as the Rays’ center fielder, frequently making stellar defensive plays for front-running Tampa Bay. However, his name can be trouble for announcers, or even listeners, if an iPhone is nearby.

Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione was announcing Saturday’s Rays-Red Sox game on WEEI-FM as Siri was at the plate during a key moment in the game.

“First and second, still only one out for José Siri, four men reached base, two have scored,” Castiglione said on air.

It was at that moment that an iPhone heard Siri and activated Siri, the phone’s virtual assistant application. Everyone in the booth, from announcers to producers, began laughing as Siri interrupted the broadcast.

“Siri’s at the plate. I’m not you asking Siri—not this Siri, that Siri,” Castiglione said.

It’s not ideal that Siri’s name sounds quite similar to the phrase “Hey Siri,” which is what iPhone users say to call the Siri assistant. That similarity can lead to mishaps with the Siri assistant, and we’re bound to hear about more in the future.

Later in the game, Siri flashed his defensive prowess with a game-ending diving catch of a flare hit by Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran.