Nikola Jokić has made it well-known his true feelings about basketball since the Nuggets won the NBA championship back in June.

The NBA finals MVP went viral over the summer for seeming to care way more about horse racing and his own life in his home country of Serbia than he did about winning his first title.

When asked on Tuesday about the Nuggets’ championship run and the subsequent title celebration over the summer, Jokić’s answer wasn’t too shocking considering how he’s talked about basketball being his job over the past few months.

“Nah, I think it's actually opposite,” Jokić said when asked about if last last summer was the most fun he’s had in the NBA so far. “Because we played two-and-a-half extra months. ... It was good, but I had summers when I had more fun.”

This narrative of Jokić not being ecstatic about playing in the NBA really took off after he seemed less than pleased upon finding out he had to stay longer in America to join the Nuggets championship parade. However, during the parade, he walked back his initial comments and said it was the “best day of my f------ life.”