The Jets were back in primetime for Sunday Night Football against the Chiefs in Week 4, and injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a surprise visit to the sideline for the game.

Rodgers, who is recovering from a torn Achilles he sustained in New York’s season opener against the Bills, was with the team for the first time since the injury.

Prior to kickoff, Rodgers, who was moving around on crutches, could be seen asking for a football and then throwing a pass to someone off-camera, offering Jets fans a glimpse of what could have been. 

“Let me get one,” Rodgers said, before catching a ball and then gently throwing it.

NBC’s Melissa Stark reported during the broadcast that Rodgers will fly back to California this week in order to have his stitches removed. He’s reportedly rehabbing up to five hours a day as he recuperates from the Achilles injury.

While he won’t be leading the team on the field during Sunday night’s game, Rodgers was on the sideline in order to lend his support and wisdom. 

Naturally, he couldn’t help but get off a throw or two before the game kicked off.