Charles Barkley has never been one to shy away from letting people know exactly what he thinks about anything and everything. 

That continued Thursday night when he slammed NCAA President Charlie Baker’s idea about talking to politicians on ways to help college athletes, their families and schools with NIL guidelines. 

Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg sat down with Baker during Thursday night’s NCAA tournament pregame show and the former Massachusetts governor talked about going to get some help from people in Washington D.C. 

After the interview Barkley let Gumbel know that he didn’t like that idea at all, saying: 

"Did he say we're going to ask the politicians to help us? See, that pisses me off already. Our politicians are awful people... we can't ask these politicians nothin'. Those people are awful people. Democrats and Republicans- they're all crooks."

Told you Barkley didn’t hold back at all. 

Here’s the interview with Barkley’s reaction at the end: 

Barkley's idea does sound a lot better. Hopefully Baker was listening.