Oregon State football coach Jonathan Smith apologized for using a weird “milking” gesture in the Beavers’ 21–7 victory against Utah on Friday night.

Smith demonstrated an unusual signal for his offense to control the clock in the final moments of the contest. The Beavers’ coach initiated the gesture with a winding motion with his finger before he took both of his hands and began massaging and squeezing his chest.

During a news conference on Monday, Smith apologized for his action in Friday’s win.

“Not just looking at just our players on tape looking at myself on tape in regards to how we signal plays at the end … we got to do things better there,” Smith said, per Trevor Denton of KMTR-TV in Oregon. “So, for those I offended with that, I apologize. I won’t be using that signal again.”

The Beavers (4–1) earned a win on Friday after losing to Washington State, 38–35, the week prior. The win for Oregon State kept the team’s chance to compete for a Pac-12 title intact.

Oregon State will go on the road to face California on Saturday.