The Suns had grand designs on winning their first NBA title just a few months ago, when Phoenix pushed its chips into the table and acquired forward Kevin Durant from the Nets on Feb. 9.

However, the Nuggets’ six-game triumph over the Suns in the Western Conference semifinals blew up those plans. Phoenix responded by firing coach Monty Williams and replacing him with former Lakers coach Frank Vogel, and now the team reportedly plans to waive guard Chris Paul after three seasons.

Even accounting for the Suns’ abrupt playoff exit, NBA observers greeted the news of Paul’s departure with surprise Wednesday afternoon.

With the Lakers pinpointed as a team in need of veteran bench help, many joked about previous commissioner David Stern’s infamous veto of a trade that would have sent Paul to the Lakers in December 2011.

Others pointed to a story Paul recently told about his daughter being teased at school over his lack of an NBA championship.

Many discussed the timing of the news, just hours before tip-off in Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and Denver.

One fan sees a potential return to Phoenix for Paul under different contract terms.

... but elsewhere the move was celebrated.