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HONOLULU, Hawaii (WREG) — We’re two days away from the Hawaii bowl and the trash talk is heightening. The Rainbow Warriors have made it clear, the Tigers are in their territory.

This week, some Hawaii players have expressed that they have home field advantage and are defending the entire island. Ryan Silverfield was asked about how well his team is adjusting to the time and weather change. He said the Tigers have to ready to play wherever and against whoever.

“We understand that there’s a lot of disadvantages to us right, having to come over here still adjusting to the time and the weather are the two first things. It’s a hometown advantage, right. I know there’ll be some blue in the stands, but yeah, I’d say 95% of the fans are going to be there a rooting for Hawaii. So, those are things you know, they’re used to the stadium. We haven’t even had the opportunity to go over there yet.”

The Hawaii Bowl is scheduled for December 24 at 7 p.m. on ESPN.