MEMPHIS – The countdown clock is down to four days and counting for the Memphis Tigers, who kick off the 2023 season Saturday night against Bethune-Cookman with a roster littered with new faces.

Ryan Silverfield working the transfer portal to add almost two dozen new players.  Players that the Tigers head coach thinks will make a major impact for a team looking to rebound from back to back 6 and 6 regular seasons.

With Central Florida, Cincinnati and Houston bolting for the Big XII, adding veterans to newcomers like former Arkansas safety Simeon Blair, Memphis should be a contender in the new look AAC.

“I’ve always been forthright with you guys. I’m pleased with this roster. I really am. I think we got the pieces in place. What does that mean? The pieces in place to do what? I don’t know. You know, but I like them,” Silverfield said.  “I don’t know what SMU has lined up. I don’t know what Bethune-Cookman has lined up. Right. But I like our group. I really do. I’m excited about them.”

“Just learning how to communicate with new faces and new people is really bringing me joy,” Blair said.  “I see how much they care about it and it’s pushing me because I know we are at the same level of caring about the game.”