MEMPHIS – Memphis Redbirds first baseman Luken Baker doesn’t just hit baseballs, he hits ‘nukes’ and his philosophy while at the plate is pretty simple.

” The goal is to hit the ball hard and don’t miss my pitch whenever I get it, and the result of that is going to be doubles and homers and a lot more barrels,” said Baker.

Currently, Baker is hitting .318 and has hit 14 home runs to lead all of the International League. The biggest difference for Baker from a season ago is he’s not overthinking it.

” There’s been a lot more of sticking to it, whether it works or not and more often than not, it works. It’s been working and it’s something that I’ve expected from myself my whole career,” said Baker.

” The work he puts in, he’s really mindful of what he does. He doesn’t just go in there
and swing there’s a purpose for what he does and I think in the biggest moments he been having the best at bats”, said Redbirds hitting coach Howie Clark.

There’s no doubt in Luken’s mind that he’s ready for the Major Leagues, it just so happens that reigning National League MVP Paul Goldschmidt plays the same position for the St. Louis Cardinals, so for now he’s remaining patient.

” If you have the reigning MVP there, it’s an absolute no. But that’s the thing, we tell the guys,
even though we’re all St. Louis Cardinals’ if you’re the right guy for another organization and they want to make it happen, they can make it happen. You keep putting up numbers like it can’t go unnoticed. Something will happen,” said Clark.

” You know you see guys go up, and go up and I can maybe say that I got a little bit complacent last year. But that’s something that’s out of my control, I just have to keep showing and being consistent in my work and things will work out,” said Baker.