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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been almost three weeks since we last heard from Memphis Tigers coach Penny Hardaway as he was walking to the busses in Fort Worth, Texas, after the American Athletic Conference Tournament had been called off.

So what’s Penny been doing?

Like the rest of us, he’s been watching a lot of Netflix.

But he’s also been hard at work trying to piece together a team for next season, hoping to add at least three new players. 

As for the guys already on the roster, Hardaway seems pretty optimistic.

While Precious Achiuwa has yet to make his plans official, Penny, like the rest of us, expects the AAC Player of the Year to turn pro.

D.J. Jeffries continues to rehab that injured knee and despite some chatter that some Tiger players may look to transfer after this roller coaster season…no player, as of yet, has asked to leave the program.

“As of right now, I’m expecting to keep it intact but you never know as it moves forward what happens but, right now, for sure, I’m looking forward to keeping it intact,” Hardaway said. “Obviously, there’s always a possibility for us to look into transfers. Guys that have to come sit one. We’re definitely looking at that option as well.”

Hardaway delving back to a 1993 Bill Murray classic to help make sense of the past few weeks.

“This is all seeming like a movie. Like we’re not really living through this,” Hardaway said. “It’s like, what is really going on. It’s a daily routine of Groundhog Day. It’s Ned, is that you? Groundhog Day for sure.”

Hardaway is also hopeful his staff of Mike Miller, Tony Madlock and Cody Toppert will remain intact as well.