MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — The NCAA made some big announcements this week. They’re dissolving the IARP, the independent organization investigating Memphis’ infractions, and implementing more guidelines regarding transfers.

College athletes are now immediately eligible after their first transfer, but here’s the catch, all transfers must now be done in a window.

For winter sports, it’s 60-days beginning the day after championship selections. Both moves, Penny Hardaway sees as progress.

“Anything that improves is always best,” said Hardaway. “You know, I don’t I don’t think we want to go backwards. We want to move forward. I think some of this is good. And, you know, for us as coaches, it’s like a revolving door, but it’s part of where we are. And I appreciate when we can win, when we can improve our things.”

Now 171 days after Selection Sunday, Hardaway and the Tigers are still finalizing new transfers, most recently Ian Granja from Barcelona.

“He’s a terrific shooter. He’s young, you know, he’s coming to a different country. He’s trying to learn the culture and basketball at the same time.”

So, is Hardaway’s roster now complete?

“For as much as we lost, I feel great about what we added. We added an older team of guys that have done it on a high level and they’re a very close unit.”

And, he’s hoping his team will start to click much earlier than previous seasons.

“I’m going to try to get it done in November this year,” Hardaway laughed. “You know what it is that that thing with my teams, like we just don’t turn the corner until January, but we’re going to try to get it done earlier this year, I promise.”

The Tigers open the season with an exhibition game against Christian Brothers Oct. 23 at FedEx Forum.