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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — The Memphis Tigers have not been consistent on offense. So, this week Penny Hardaway has implemented a new one.

The Tigers’ new offense is called the “lion.” It’s five bodies moving at one time, no one person is stagnant. Penny said he’s been running this offense for 12 years during his high school and AAU coaching days.

“It’s different from the other offense because we were out on the perimeter, our bigs were out on the perimeter a lot, now are bigs are more in the paint, more around the elbows, more in scoring areas to catch the ball,” Hardaway said during his Monday morning press conference. “It gives us more opportunities to get offensive rebounding. That’s something that we were really struggling with because we were shooting a lot of threes on a one pass, maybe two pass, bigs were in a position to get offensive rebounds. I just feel more comfortable with this offense because I think it’s going to help is us score more points as well.”

During his time here at Memphis, Penny said he focused primarily on the defense and allowed assistants to install the offense. He feels now it’s time for a change and Tigers forward DeAndre Williams believe it’s for the best as well.

Williams said, frankly, it was hard to score with the old offense.

“We got some different actions we’re running that I feel like are more effective than what we were running and that’s no knock to what we was running because we were just trying to get through to the end of the play and like at the end we would all be stagnant,” said Williams. “It would be like eight seconds left on the shot clock and we got to break our man down.”

The Tigers (1-1 in AAC play) host USF Tuesday night at 6 p.m.