NCAA grants extra year of eligibilty to its spring athletes

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MEMPHIS — The NCAA is doing the right thing.

That’s a sentence we’re not use to hearing but Monday, the NCAA voted to give athletes in its spring sports who had their seasons cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic, an extra year of eligibility.

But and there always seems to be a but, athletes in winter sports such as basketball, denied the same opportunity.

This decision applies to all spring sport athletes not just seniors and while the NCAA will expand roster sizes beyond the current limits, scholarships and financial aid will be left up to each individual school.

So there’s still a lot of questions to answer but this a great first step.

“We’re going to be in a little bit of a quandary for a year, maybe two years with scholarships and rosters,” said Tigers baseball coach Daron Schoenrock.  “But again, it’s a simple thing compared to what the global world is facing. If that’s the toughest thing that I have to figure out, then life’s pretty good.”

“A lot of unknowns there.  Something we’ve never had to deal with.  It’s unprecedented at this point,” said Tigers women’s tennis coach Hayden Perez.  “Every year when you have somebody either leave or enter your program, with a program our size, usually eight to ten kids, it can definitely change the dynamic.  It can change the chemistry. Already looking ahead, we’ll have to change plans from what we were expecting. We’re looking forward to having a bigger squad.”

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