NBA says only two players test positive for Covid-19 in Orlando


ORLANDO — Heading into week two in Orlando and the bubble, so far, holding strong.

Just two of the 322 players tested by the NBA came back positive when arriving at the NBA campus at Disney and neither cleared quarantine before being sent to isolation.

Neither player is on the Grizzlies as head coach Taylor Jenkins says all 17 players in the team’s traveling party have taken part in workouts and as long as the 17 stay healthy, Jenkins and his coaching staff are going to have to make some tough choices on who plays and who sits but those are good problems to have.

“We’re trying to give guys a lot of opportunities as much as we can,” Taylor Jenkins said. “It’s definitely a challenge with 17 guys but really trying to just kind of rely on what we’ve done over the course of the season, recognizing the combinations that have been really efficient for us but really successful and obviously, Justice, getting him integrated as well,” Jenkins said.

“Obviously we’re going to have some real tough decisions to make but that’s what you face when you have great depth on your team.”

The Grizzlies will hold their first intrasquad scrimmage at Disney later this week.

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