From start to finish this year, the Munford Cougars have been perfect. Finishing 6-0 in region play and 10-0 for the first time ever.

” You know, we’re excited about it. It’s great for the community and all that type of stuff and we just want to keep building “, said Cougars head coach Slade Calhoun.

” You know, especially after Covid it’s kind of like it ripped everything apart. And I remember freshman year, not really seeing anybody in the stands, or anybody on the track. Then you look back this year like, wow. Like the games are packed. Like, the community is loving it”, said quarterback Jordan Bell.

The community has a lot to cheer for with this offense, that has more than 2,500 yards on the ground. As the Cougars offense is built around talented tandem quarterback Jordan Bell and running back Braxton Sharp.

” You know, we just kind of take what the defense has given us and when you have some weapons at your disposal and you’re able to do that, you know, it’s a luxury “, said Calhoun.
“We just take it one day at a time, grew, learn, you know, take the advice and get better each and everyday. Stay positive, just try to uplift each other as a team”, said Bell.

Since transferring from Brighton to Munford, Braxton Sharp has made has the most of his opportunities, as he’s rushed for 20 touchdowns and more than 1,000 yards on the ground. He’s now a semi-finalist for Mr. Football in the state of Tennessee.

” To be honest, I never thought I’d be you know, even thought about for this. I mean, go back four years and think I was just that little kid that was just fast. I didn’t think much about football. But I mean, it makes I feel great that I’ve come this far from where I have come from”, said Sharp.
” Being his first and last year, playing with him. It’s like you see the growth in the chemistry and me and him, and you just see how how much he’s done and how much he’s accomplished from last year to this year “, said Bell.

But everything they’ve done to this point mean absolutely nothing. As a new season begins with Munford not making it out of the second round of the playoffs since 1997.
“We have everything to lose. It’s a lot I mean, but it’s great. You can’t ever look at a record, but yeah, I think we get the job done. the team we have and the bond that we’re all together”. said Sharp.

<“You got to stay focused on what we’re actually trying to get to. You know, it’s in of no is great and all, but, you know, it’s in the past now. Yeah. It’ll be put in the history, but, you know, we want to get some bigger”, said Bell.

Munford hosts Northeast Clarksville, Friday Nov. 4th at 7 p.m.