MEMPHIS – For 20 years the AutoZone Liberty Bowl High School All-Star game has showcased the top talent of the Mid-South’s best seniors.

” It’s just been so fun to be around guys from different schools, coaches from different schools, and then just have an opportunity to just showcase what this area is all about, talent wise”, said North Point’s head coach Tyler Gold.

” I’ve had teammates that did it, you know, the past couple of years. So it’s cool to kind of keep that going and be able to represent my school, my family”, said Lausanne senior linebacker Drew Scott.

” Just watching some of my former teammates play like Big O, Tennessee, Jabari, Small Tennessee. It’s just crazy that I used to look up to them and now I’m in their same position playing so it’s just I’m really honored to be here”, said Briarcrest senior Reed Linder.

There are 88 players representing 54 different high schools, many of whom have competed against one another, but this being one the few times to line up as teammates.

” You get kids from every different school, all walks of life and they all come together for here for a common purpose. That’s one of the greatest things about this game is getting different kids together. Let them hang out a little bit, play a little football”, said Houston’s head coach James Thomas.

” I’ve already met tons of friends in the last two days that I know that are going to last forever, and it’s just good to play good competition” said Linder.

” Some people you know, some people you don’t you’ve got people from your school, people from rival schools a bunch of people you get to interact with and have fun with and see how you match up against other talent in the city” said Scott.

” When I’m on the sidelines, when it’s defense, I’m like, Man, that guy is really good. I wish I could throw to him or wish we could have him on my defense or something like that. Now he is it’s like pretty surreal. It feels weird, but it’s pretty cool”, said CBHS quarterback Jack McLaughlin.

For some, it could be their last time putting on pads, so they want to make it count.

“Now, if it’s my last one, I want to mean something to me with my friends, new guys. I met my old teammates, so I just go out and have fun to compete”, said McLaughlin.

As for others it’s another chance, maybe a final chance to be seen by college coaches.

“I’m just getting the chance to show them like I can compete against guys that I didn’t get to compete against in the
regular season and then being able to put that out there and, you know, in front of everybody that comes
to watch and just getting one more chance to go out there on the field, you know, for your senior year before you go up”, said Scott.

The game will be held Saturday at Memphis University School, with kick-off set for 2:30 p.m.