Memphis teen Rachel Heck links golf success to bond with sisters

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- "Since I was three or four anytime anyone would ask me what do I want to be when I grow up, the answer was always golfer. Always. I can't remember wanting to be anything else. I've always loved the game," said Rachel Heck.

Rachel Heck. Not your typical soon to be senior. For starters, she's been committed to Stanford since she was a freshman.

"She is super competitive. Then she is very disciplined, so she works really hard. And she is really smart, she is smart about how she works. They kind've made a perfect formula for a lot of success," said Rob Akins.

Rachel is just 17 years old and can drive it 270 yards. That's a really long way. She can already out-drive a majority of the women on tour.

"In the female arena, Rachel has already gone farther than maybe any girl in Tennessee state history," said Akins.

Rachel's got enough awards and honors to fill honestly a house. Forget being a 3-time state champion at St. Agnes, she's the 10th ranked amateur golfer in the world, was named the USA Today High School golfer of the year in both 2017 and 2018, heck, Rachel even sunk the clinching putt for the U.S. in the junior Ryder Cup last October.

"I was shaking so bad it was incredible. And the putt actually fell it was indescribable, my team ran out there and stormed the green. It's a moment I'll never forget. It was really really special," said Rachel Heck.

Golf has meant a lot to this Memphis teen. It's her passion, her future, but also a connection to family.

"I have two sisters, I think as soon as I could walk my Dad got us clubs," said Rachel Heck.

And that's when it all began.

"It's a great way for our family to spend time together. Really since I can remember, Rachel and I have been playing little competitions, whether it was little chip in games or out on the course," said Abby Heck.

"My older sister plays at Notre Dame and my little sister will play in college also, she's awesome,” said Rachel Heck.

That's a heck of a threesome. Abby, Rachel and 14 year old Anna. One family,.three talents on the links with the older two, well, let's just say these sisters are very competitive.

"A light hearted competition yes, we'll talk smack sometimes but in the end we want each other to do well yes always," said Abby Heck.

"I think that's what really helped growing up. We always had each other everyday. We just played contests over and over again. So every shot means something during practice. We always want to beat the other one. We want each other to play well, we just want to play a little bit better,” said Rachel Heck.

"What they are going to accomplish going forward, we'll never know but they are the most amazing family I've ever seen in golf," said Akins.

"Who is the best of the three," asked Megan Rice.

"I don't know, I think the little one might end up being the best," said Rachel Heck.

"Looking at her scores now, she's doing probably better than I did when I was her age, she likes to remind me of that a lot," said Abby Heck.

Family bragging rights aside, as Rachel pursues golf as a career, having already teed it up in three LPGA majors Abby watches on as any proud older sister would.

"It's really exciting, to see her playing on TV. On one hand everyone sees her as the great golfer as she is. But to me she is still my little sister, she loves stuffed animals," said Abby Heck.

"My sister's have been an awesome influence, they've taught me to stay grounded and to keep working hard and place importance on things that are important, family, friends, and everything else," said Rachel Heck.

Three incredibly talented sisters, displaying their love of the game and their love for each other.


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