Memphis lawyer gives sports agency a new look

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “Being a trailblazer if you are that, than you do that in all aspects of your life,” said Rebecca Adelman.

To truly understand what motivates Rebecca Adelman, you have to know where she came from.

“I didn’t grow up in a very big family but I grew up in a family that was very involved in community. I had a grandmother that was an iconic communitarian. Where we came from there was no cutting corners there is only one way to get there and that was just hard work and make it happen,” said Adelman.

Her drive and intelligence have taken her all over. From a small town in Michigan to France to get her masters (at a school I can’t even pronounce) to Denver for law school. If Rebecca has seen a trail she’s set it a blaze, after running her own law firm in Memphis for over 20 years, she’s now taking a crack at sports representation.

“It was a whole confluence of events that kind of led to, I think we can do this sports representation piece, I think we can do it better,” said Adelman.

Trying to break the glass ceiling. Sports agencies run by women are few and far between.

“It’s really an unlevel playing field, it was more unlevel than the law was because you have such a long history of male dominated industry,” said Adelman.

But that’s not stopping Rebecca. She’s the founder of MPower Sports Group here in Memphis. In its third year, this organization is focused on something very important to this mother of a young athlete, and that’s family.

“I’m not just your agent and you just call me when you mess up on social media and something happened or you want to move teams. I am in your family. I am your family I need to know what’s going on. If you have mental health issues we got people who can help you with that. If you are not happy or you need help with your investments or don’t really know what to do, we are on your team. That’s what we are really trying to do,” said Adelman.

MPower is still fairly new to the agency game, but they continue to build clientele, including former Tiger Ferrakohn Hall.

“Understanding where those players are, like a Zion Williamson, we aren’t going to get a Zion at least not this year, but I won’t say never cause I could get one. It’s really hard if Jay-Z walks in or Rich Paul walks in with a 300 series Mercedez, I can’t do that, you know what I mean,” said Adelman.

At the end of the day Rebecca doesn’t need to do this, she’s already a successful lawyer, she simply wants to.

“What’s in it for me is just that sense of I am so happy to be here that giving back to the community is the way to do it. Changing people’s lives and seeing the faces of these moms or these kids who see their dreams, I mean who doesn’t want to do that,” said Adelman.

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