MEMPHIS – Since Ja Morant was suspended, for a second time, for appearing to brandish a gun on a social media post it seems everyone has had an opinion.

But none of those talking heads or NBA legends have ever worn the Beale Street Blue.

And none are the Grandfather.

None are Core Four’s great Tony Allen.

Allen, speaking on the podcast of former Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett, says he has attempted to reach out to Morant but has spoken with Ja’s father, Tee Morant, on multiple occasions to offer guidance and support for the Grizzlies star guard.

“I reach out to his dad every day,” Allen said. “I tell him, I’m in y’all corner. I’m around. I’m here if you need me.’ I’ve been through some of everything that he’s trying to portray. It can get rough.”

Allen also says Morant is not being held accountable by those closest to him.

“A lot of people just ain’t giving him the right guidance to tell him about himself, that’s all. I’ll definitely tell him the guns are not one of those things you play with,” Allen said.