Memphis celebrates future Tiger James Wiseman with a parade

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — James Wiseman, hasn’t played a single game for the Tigers yet but the city showing him some love Saturday. As Memphians saying thanks to the future Tiger by throwing him his very own parade.

Wiseman no stranger to accolades but this was definitely a first. The Redwing Group helping put on the event to show their appreciation for him picking the Tigers and helping recruit other players.

Wiseman hopped in his Corvette then went from Walnut Grove to Holmes road.
finishing with a pep rally at East High. A day that even the star basketball player was a little taken back by.

“Tiger fans are great fans and this year we are going to have a great team and I can’t wait to step on campus. It will be a fun journey for me. It’s kind of surprising because this is the first time I’m every getting a parade for myself, it’s a great experience. My mind is perplexed right now really, I’m really kind of confused. So much support around me. That just shows how the city of Memphis how they love their basketball players in terms of giving hope back to the city. I’m having a fun time right now,” said James Wiseman.

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