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MEMPHIS — While the NBA playoffs will likely resume on Saturday, the NBA players’ bubble boycott on Wednesday over the shooting of Jacob Blake has had a ripple effect throughout the world of sports.

From the NBA to the WNBA

MLB to the NFL.

The NHL to the MLS.

And now, for Memphis 901 FC.

901 FC is considering not playing this weekend’s game against North Carolina FC as a show of protest and a sign of solidarity against racial injustice.

“It’s tragic, what’s going on in the country.  I stand by our players with whatever decision they want to make but something needs to be done,” said Memphis 901 FC head coach Tim Mulqueen.  “This is not right.  This is not how people should live.  It’s just sad and tragic.  We’ve tried the protesting and the kneeling yet this stuff happens again.  It’s sad and it’s affecting our players.  It affects us.  It affects our city.  No one’s immune to it.”

Mulqueen says the team will continue to have discussions over the next couple of days and, with guidance from the United Soccer League, come to a decision on Saturday’s game.