Local Olympian reacts to the 2020 Tokyo Games getting postponed


MEMPHIS — Imagine working your whole life with a singular goal…to make the Olympics, to represent your country.

For some eleven thousand athletes around the world, that dream came crashing down on Tuesday when the 2020 summer games in Tokyo were postponed.

It was the right decision but imagine being Ali Weisz.

She’s the two time All-American from Ole Miss and 2016 bronze medalist in the NCAA Rifle Championships. The current graduate assistant at the U of M was hopeful that after making the U.S. Olympic team, she’d be able to compete in Tokyo.

Now that dream, postponed until likely 2021 leaving Weisz to look for the positives during these difficult times.

“It’s super unfortunate.  We were super excited and ready to go this summer,” Weisz said. “But the end of it, for the humanity all over the world, it was probably the right choice and honestly, we need to be a little bit grateful just because, they easily could have canceled it like they’ve canceled a lot of other sports this year.  I would rather see postponed and have to wait a year and have to train up again than I would not being able to go at all because somebody told me you’re not going.”

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