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HOOVER, Ala.  — He’s done it in the Big XII.

He’s done it in the Pac-12.

And now, Mississippi State’s Mike Leach can say he’s done it in the SEC.

Leach making the rounds at his first ever SEC Media Days Wednesday where he hit on all the big talking points, name, image and likeness, college playoff expansion and the transfer portal.

Leach doesn’t want N-I-L turning into a bidding war.

Forget 12.  Leach would love to see the playoff go to 64 teams and as for the portal…not a fan.

“This portal has proven to be fools gold,” Leach said. “What’s the number?  1100 are out in the cold right now.  They’ll be selling Big Gulps or whatever.  Hopefully finishing school somewhere, I hope. Certainly, in a lot of cases, probably would like to have wished they’d re-thought that decision.  I think there has to be an encouragement to stay at the school you signed with.” 

Leach’s idea –give every player $150,000 upon graduation if he graduates from the school he originally signed with.